Advice and problem analysis...

Due to our decades of operation and production experience in the field of liquid waste disposal, we have the competence to advise you, in all technical, and economical details, and also, to analyse your operational problems.Put your trust in us.

Together with you, we can individually fix, in terms of size, performance, equipment, and accessories, your vehicle to suit your operational requirements. It is important that your vehicle, in terms of

  • Load capacity
  • Engine performance
  • Auxiliary drive
  • Wheel base
  • Frame overhang and
  • The technical equipment

fits perfectly to construction of your subframe. Who can better advise you in such matters as us? On request, you can receive a preliminary diagram, to give you an idea of how your vehicle will look on completion. With a weight assesment, we can inform you as to the empty weight, distribution of weight, center of gravity, and pay load of your vehicle.

A commercial economy calculation, produced on request, will inform you as to the dependency of the utilization of your vehicle.

Customer attention 

Before any work is carried out on your order, all the details on the chassis, that are relavent to the construction of your vehicle, are checked thoroughly. You will be infomed as to the construction progress of your vehicle, and invited in good time to the inspect the vehicle after a preliminary fitting. At this time, any eventual changes can be taken into consideration. After completion of your vehicle, your personnel will receive intensive instruction as to the operation, and maintenance of the vehicle. A comprehensive operation and maintenance instruction booklet with spare parts list, and the necessary test and control papers will be handed over with the vehicle.

On request, you can order a sound pressure level measurement protocol of your vehicle. As a small token of our gratitude for your order, you will receive a large framed colour photograph of your vehicle, along with a model vehicle CANALMASTER for display in your offices.

Specialist literature

Through our regular information service "Ensorger-Praxis" (Disposal in practice), we can offer you specialist information from our departments

  • Disposal technology
  • Sewer technology
  • Sewage treatment technology

about products, product application, new developements, operational experience, and trends etc.

Please let us know if you would like to receive cost free, "Ensorger Praxis" regularly.

Service and maintenance

Through our service department, you will enjoy all the advantages that come with working together with a leading manufacturer of liquid waste disposal vehicles

  • Service advice (also by telephone)
  • Quick and unbureaucratic help (also at evenings and weekends)
  • Fast and reliable spare parts delivery from our well stocked stores
  • Repair and maintenance work in the field, or at our works  

Works visits

We will be only to pleased to arrange visits to our works, for you, or any of your workforce, to give you a first hand view of our factory, production, and quality standards. You will be shown everything, from the preparation of the parts, to the constuction of the vehicle, the welding work, the electrical installation, the surface preparation, the paint spraying, right through to the end control and the test running of the vehicle.

This will give you the knowledge and trust, that your order is with us,in good hands. We look forward to your visit.

It also worth noting, that we are certified to the German industrial standard DIN EN ISO 9001!