Julius Müller founded in 1951 a company for waste disposal services: " Kanal Müller´"

In 1960, a place for production was built up, the target being, the production of sewer cleaning equipment, and vehicles, for personal use, and for sale to public and private waste disposal companies.At the start of the sixties, the first sewer cleaning vehicles were developed, a welcome sight to many buyers due to their practical functionability.

In 1970 the service, and production were separated, and made independent. The production side, which was transfered to the eldest son Wolfgang Müller, became known from 1970 as "Kanal Müller, Julius Müller GmbH & Co. KG". In the seventies, the company developed into the market leader for liquid waste disposal vehicles.

Wolfgang Müller sen.

In 1985 the name of the company was changed to MÜLLER Umwelttechnik, mainly to avoid name confusion by customers and suppliers with the Kanal Müller service company.

In 1988, due to the challenge of European comunity markets, MÜLLER Umwelttechnik joined forces with FAUN Umwelttechnik, to be better equipped to meet the demands in the areas of environmental technology. This allowed Faun to give up production of liquid waste disposal vehicles, and thereby concentrate production in this field at MÜLLER Umwelttechnik in Schieder-Schwalenberg. At the same time, a part of the sales department was transfered to an internal sales organisation, FAUN Eurotec, which was reponsible for both companies.

The fusion, which had taken place in 1988, has now, 10 years later, reached a conclusion to the agreement of both sides. On the 31. 12. 1999, the Müller family were able to buy back the shares belonging to FAUN Umwelttechnik.

The new partners, Volkwin and Wolfgang jun, sons of Wolfgang sen, and Elisabeth Müller, have become, from 1. 1. 1999, managing directors of MÜLLER Umwelttechnik. This has also brought a generation change into effect, the third generation of Müllers now being active in the "Müller Umwelttechnik" company. In future, the responsibilities of the managing directors will be divided into two departments. Volkwin Müller, will now be in charge of the business side of the company, with Wolfgang Müller Dipl. Ing, being responsible for the technical side.

Up to the middle of 1998, the management of sales for MÜLLER Umwelttechnik was in the hands of the FAUN Eurotec sales management GmbH. Nine years later, the responsibility of sales management was transfered back to MÜLLER Umwelttechnik. Today MÜLLER is once again in posession of its own nationwide sales organisation. Abroad also, MÜLLER is in the process of strengthening its sales activities.




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