Disposal technology...

Disposal technology is easily the largest department at the company MÜLLER. Due to the many sided disposal operations in sewer cleaning, such as road drain cleaning, cesspit and tank emptying, petrol and oil separation cleaning, as well as the disposal of hazardous materials, the liquid waste disposal vehicles manufactured by Müller are, as a rule not standard, but built to individual customer requirements, taking into consideration proven fittings, and requirements in power, size , and equipment. Since the foundation of the company, over 4600 vehicles have been manufactured and delivered resulting from national, and international inquiries.

The Müller system of production benefits from a high percentage of self developed compatable fittings, profitable to the customer due to the constant manufacturing quality, and long term availability of spare parts.

Decades of operation, and production experience in liquid waste technology, and the consequent orientation to customer requirements, have resulted in MÜLLER Umwelttechnik's high standard of competence in this specialist branch, indispensible in the manufacture of liquid waste disposal vehicles.

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