Partnership and team spirit

We are convinced, that the customer-oriented individual manufacturing of liquid waste disposal technology, based on efficient pruduction flows and processes, gains capital future prospects. Hence our customers´ business and requirements shell determine our thinking and acting. Our corporate culture is characterized by partnership and team spirit. Our employees have the ability to identify with their job and with the company. We accomplish our objectives by confessing to values like permanent innovation, customer orientation, employee motivation, environmental responsibility, and economic independence.



  • Market aware
  • Innovative
  • Quality that exceeds expectation
  • Highly productive
  • Efficient

Our pledge is: „We provide our customers with the  innovation & technology for efficient and high quality liquid waste disposal technology worldwide.“ 


We aim to...

  1. be the leading company for all aspects of liquid waste disposal technology.
  2. by being a highly motivated, well managed,  company, with which our employees are closely involved and can identify with.
  3. by providing oustanding customer  service & support.
  4. by providing bespoke solutions to all of our customers with research, development and technological innovation. 
  5. expand the substance and strength of our company through stability and sustainable  growth.
  6. increase the expertise of our employees through training and further development.