The sealing quality of drainage sewers, and pipelines is of the utmost importance for the protection of the ground, and ground water.In many council and industrial run establishments, the systems of liquid waste collection, and drainage, are not up to the standards of modern day requirements. Many are in a bad state of disrepair, which leads to contamination of both ground and ground water, as well as causing an influx of alien water into sewage treatment works (infiltration) and at worse, can lead to a collapse of drainage channels.

For these reasons, damage must be realised early, and repair measures undertaken immediately. The loss of water from sewers (exfiltration) is of growing importance, due to the fact that a whole line of impurities in the ground water are a result of this damage.

It can be relied upon, that quality damage realisation of sewers through seal testing, and modern leakage location methods, will grow in importance in contrast to inspection methods. Therefore, the department of drainage technology is intensively engaged in the developement of new equipment and machinery to counteract this problem.



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